عن عمل لم ينته ولن يتنهي...

"An Unfinished work, that will never finish"
This scrapbook, is a non finished work of 6 months .. and still more. In these yellow pages of the notebook there is a collage of my work, things I love, music, memories and much more.


الزحف علي التراب -

In these scrapbooks, I drafted my project and wrote a diary of my journey with them. In its recycled pages, I wrote down stories I heard from different members of the tribes who were of different ages. In these pages there are the cities I went with them, their life details, their traditions, and glimpses of their culture.
In these pages there is a lot of passion, memories, life, and love ..

عجزنا خالص يا علي !

This project came about through an anthropology workshop I took about family and the Egyptian middle class. The workshop space opened to me a very interesting was to self explore. It was my first time to do something personal about myself or my family, dig in our archives and play around with it in this personal yet public scrapbook I wanted to explore how my family see themselves and me.
This made me believe that as a documentarian, it’s important to document and understand ourselves and our families first so we can better understand and we’ll document others,

I decided to also bring about the conversations I had with my mother, although very mundane but I believe are important because our chats about music and our favorite colors ushered us to speak about issues we don’t usually get near by, like racism and classism

My family, especially my mother thought that her memories and their experiences 25 years ago is not of a great value. Which I don’t agree with, and was trying with her to see how time have made all the mundaneness be very valuable and helps us understand our lives and social positions.

Personal stories are important, and I believe we can all express our personal and familial stories in different ways, which are all important and valuable.


Boring photos

Few weeks after my arrival to Germany to study, the Covid-19 happened locking down almost everything. It’s not easy to be alone nowadays, I miss my family, my friends, I’m worried all the time, a little bit depressed about all what’s happening, and the only thing that helps is to take pictures about what’s going on during such unprecedented time. I am thankful for everyone who’s trying to help me get through this, and I’m very thankful for photography. This project in ongoing, I will be regularly updating it with more pictures as I try to survive these times through photography.

crawling on the dust

A Video of a dummy scrapbook/photobook of the photographs, collected archival materials, 2023

Ali Zaraay

Ali Zaraay (1994) Documentary Photographer in Cairo.
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